About Level Up Dance Studios In Pacific Beach

Level Up Dance Studios is a Hybrid style partnership dance studio.

Hybrid, in our sense, is that we strive to provide the option for you to purchase both online courses or course material for you to study from, and/or in-person classes for you to enjoy. We offer the following styles of dance: salsa, bachata, latin, swing, ballroom, tango and wedding dances.

We want to become part of what makes San Diego an amazing city by allowing you to understand that there is a dance for every occasion, every trip you go on, or even to enjoy and celebrate every day. 

Many dances can have the same set of ABC's, with the only real difference is the accent you use to pronounce them. There are also many different styles of dances, some of which may connect with you more than others, but all give you an ability to escape, create, find a part of you that maybe you didn't know, and of course, have fun.

We provide our online or virtual learning option so you can learn from the comfort of your own home, as well as on the road if needed. This way, you always have the opportunity keep up your regular dance classes and learning!

Whether in person or virtually, we look forward to meeting you. We can guarantee you will have a blast exploring the amazing world of dance!